Adding a New User


The ENF uses roles to add & remove privileges from a specific user. A user may belong to more than one role, and the roles determine the actions that a user is allowed to perform.

The roles are:

  • DOMAIN_ADMIN - Has all privileges to a customer domain. A user with this role can add/delete/modify networks, devices, users at any level, etc.
  • DOMAIN_USER - Has read-only privileges to a customer domain.
  • NETWORK_ADMIN - Has administrator privileges at the Network level. A user with this role can add new devices, create firewall rules, and create DNS entries for the network.
  • NETWORK_USER - Has read-only access at the current network level.

Environment Prerequisites

The following tools will need to be installed.

Send the Invitation

  1. Start the enfcli.
    You must log in with an _ADMINISTRATOR role.
    enfcli --host --user <>
  2. Send an invite with the appropriate role.
    Example invitation to a NETWORK_USER role:
    > user send-invite --network=2607:8f80:8080:b::/64 --email=<> --name=John Public --role=NETWORK_USER

    Example invitation to a DOMAIN_ADMIN role:

    > user send-invite --network=2607:8f80:8080:b::/64 --email=<> --name=John Public --role=DOMAIN_ADMIN
  3. View Invitations
    > user list-invites
  4. List Users
    Since the user has not responded to the invitation yet, the user will not show up in the list.
    > user list-users --network=<2607:8f80:8080:b::/64>

Accept the Invitation

The user to whom the invitation was sent must now respond to the email to create an account.

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