Setting Up a New Card


The Xaptum router cards are shipped without a default password but with a default network. To allow the device to connect to the ENF, the customer must configure the new card by setting up a temporary configuration network. This network can be in a DMZ - completely outside of the corporate network - as long as it can reach the global internet. Because ENF traffic is always encrypted and the ENF and the device are both authenticated, the use of a default network does not diminish security.

Create the Default WiFi Network

The default network must be configured as follows:
    SSID: xaprc_default
    Password: password123!

As mentioned above, the network must have internet access.

Once the default network is set up, the device will connec to the ENF. This may take a few minutes but may be sped up by performing a reboot.

To verify that the device has connected, login to the Xaptum Control Panel webpage. For most cases,this will be similar to: . Use the account credentials given. The new divice will show up as ONLINE in the appropriate network.

Configure the Router Card

  1. Follow the instructions in the Router Card Profile to create a profile

  2. Using the Router Card WiFi Configuration article as a guide, create and apply a WiFi configuration to the profile.

  3. If needed, create a firmware update schedule and an update task per the Updating Router Card Firmware article.

  4. Apply the new profile to the device as described in the Router Card Profile article.

Disable the Default WiFi Netowrk

Once all of the devices have been updated to the desired configuration, it is safe to disable the xaprc_default network.

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