Router Card Profile


This how-to will walk through creating and updating a profile. Adding a WiFi Configuration and configuring a firmware update are covered in other how-to articles under the Router Card section.


  • enfcli needs to be installed. For help, see the Getting Started Tutorial
  • User has DOMAIN_ADMIN account
  • Commands are issued from enfcli
    > enfcli --host <client-domain> --user <admin@account>

Create a Profile

Create a profile with an appropriate name.

> captive create-profile --device-mode=secure-host --profile-name=RFD-devices
Name                  : RFD-devices
Profile ID            : 70a82dd2-5a5a-40cb-9575-aaff5b7414dc
Configuration version : 1
Firmware Update ID    : < not configured >
Mode                  : secure-host
Wifi config           : < not configured >

Currently, only the secure-host mode is supported.

Profiles are not deleted or overwritten. When a change is made to a profile, the system automatically bumps the version up. This ensures that there is a history of all of the changes to a profile. Only the latest profile will be applied to devices.

Create a Profile with Existing WiFi / Update Configurations

If a WiFi Configuration or Firmware Update Record already exists, you can include either or both of those IDs in the create-profile command to save a step.

> captive create-profile --device-mode=secure-host --profile-name=Scranton-devices --wifi-id=1aad6bdd-8b09-49bc-bd43-d5255d543c78
Name                  : Scranton-devices
Profile ID            : c61404e4-ddb0-4b73-9f80-0edfb77fe8b3
Configuration version : 1
Firmware Update ID    : < not configured >
Mode                  : secure-host
Wifi config           :
    id                : 1aad6bdd-8b09-49bc-bd43-d5255d543c78
    domain            : 2607:8f80:8080::/48
    name              : Demo
    config version    : 4

Apply a Profile to a Device

The Captive Server will query the IAM server to get a list of all provisioned devices. The details of the device will be populated automatically once it connects to the ENF.

To have the Captive Server apply the setting from a profile to a device, the device must be updated to use the profile.

Devices may be identified either by the serial number or the IPv6 address.

  1. List the devices.
    > captive list-devices
    | Serial No       | Dev Name | Dev Addr                             | Router Mode | Connected | SSID          |
    | XRW0441900A001  |          | 2607:8F80:8080:9:7B86:E00F:D00F:FADD | secure-host | true      | xaprc_default |
    | XRW0441900A002  |          | 2607:8F80:8080:7:4B1A:C340:DDD2:F6DA | secure-host | true      | xaprc_default |
    | XRW0441900B003  |          | 2607:8F80:8080:7:82C5:3E33:CC8E:1D84 | secure-host | false     |               |

    We are going to be working with the first device in the list.

  2. Get the device status to verify it is connected to the ENF.
    > captive get-device-status --device-id=XRW0441900A001
    Serial Number        : XRW0441900A001
    Router Mode          : secure-host
    Uptime (in seconds)  : 7563.81
    Status refresh time  : 2020-07-15T18:27:04Z
    WIFI status          :
     connected        : true
     SSID             : xaprc_default
     IPv4 addresses   :
         IPv4         :
     IPv6 addresses   :
         IPv6         : fdc3:c108:dc6a:0:b2a6:f5ff:fe00:fbe
         IPv6         : fe80::b2a6:f5ff:fe00:fbe
    WIFI configuration   :
     Name          :
     Wifi ID       :
    Firmware Status      :
     image name       : < not available >
     operating state  : normal
  3. Update the device to use the new profile.
    > captive update-device --device-id=XRW0441900A001 --profile-id=d37a1806-3989-48fb-9742-6a4d22191dd9
    Serial Number     : XRW0441900A001
    Device Name       : demo-device-1
    Device Address    : 2607:8F80:8080:9:7B86:E00F:D00F:FADD
    Mac Address       : B0:A6:F5:00:10:A6
    Firmware Version  : xaprw001-v1.0.9-0-gb5b1470
    Hardware Model    : xaprw001
    Profile           :
     Name                  : Chicago-North
     Profile ID            : d37a1806-3989-48fb-9742-6a4d22191dd9
     Configuration version : 1
     Firmware Update ID    : < not configured >
    Status            :
     Router Mode   : secure-host
     wifi connected:  < unknown >

The Captive Server will schedule an update task to send the new configuration to the device. The update usually takes between 3 and 10 minutes, depending on how busy the Captive Server is.

Update a Profile

The profile name, WiFi Configuration, and Firmware Update fields of a profile may be modified.

Updating the profile name:

> captive update-profile --profile-id=70a82dd2-5a5a-40cb-9575-aaff5b7414dc --profile-name=TEST-devices
Name                  : TEST-devices
Profile ID            : 70a82dd2-5a5a-40cb-9575-aaff5b7414dc
Configuration version : 2
Firmware Update ID    : < not configured >
Mode                  : secure-host
Wifi config           : < not configured >

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