Router Card Terminology


For security, the Xaptum router cards do not have a configuration page but are controlled by the enfcli via the Captive Server. The routers are captive because, unlike most routers, there is no factory reset button or procedure to put them into a configurable state – they must always be configured via the ENF.

The term router card and device are used interchangably.


A profile is the top-level configuration of a device. Each device is has a single profile, but a profile may be associated with as many devices as needed. Using a profile allows for a single update to affect hundreds or thousands of devices. The Captive Server will take care of updating the devices.

WiFi Configuration

A WiFi Configuration is a grouping of the settigs the the device needs to be able to connect to a WiFi network. These are the same settins that you would need to connect your laptop to a network: SSID, password, etc. Each profile has a single WiFi Configuration, but the same WiFi Configuration may be used for multiple profiles.

Router Card Firmware

Xaptum engineering will occasionally update the router card firmware. Customers are encouraged to update to the latest version as soon as convenient. Changes to software, however, often require validation before releasing to production.

The Captive Server allows customers to create update tasks and schedule updates at specific times and in stages. For example, you can initially update only test devices. Then, when testing is complete, you can schedule updates during off-peak hours and in stages of 20% (any percentage, really) of devices at once.

Configuring a New Router Card

The Xaptum router cards are shipped without a default password but with a default network. To allow the device to connect to the ENF, the customer must configure the new card by setting up a temporary configuration network. This network can be in a DMZ - completely outside of the corporate network - as long as it can reach the global internet. Because ENF traffic is always encrypted and the ENF and the device are both authenticated, the use of a default network does not diminish security.

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