Product Overview

The Xaptum Edge Network Fabric (ENF) is a fully-routable, IPv6 network overlay that isolates clients from the public Internet and each other through a parallel network that is fully secured. Unlike the public Internet, which was designed for sharing information, the ENF only connects devices and endpoints that have been expressly granted permission.

Tackling Edge Challenges

  • Security - The ENF uses industry-standard, end-to-end encryption. From the outside world, the devices are invisible and cannot be scanned.
  • Control - Only authorized users have access to the network and the devices.
  • Data Integrity - Since all communication is encrypted and routed via the ENF overlay network, altering data is practically impossible.
  • Confidentiality - Similar to using a VPN, all data is hidden.

Solution Ecosystem

The network overlay is the essence of Xaptum’s solution.
The ENF Command Line Interface is a tool that can be used by clients to configure their networks and devices. It enables clients to use scripting tools in automating operations. The API has also been made available to allow clients to write tools to interface with their existing systems.
ENF Router Card
The card provides an “on-ramp” to the ENF. It contains a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip that is used to uniquely and authoritatively identify an individual device. It also takes care of establishing and managing the secure, mutually-authenticated tunnel to the backbone such that all traffic from the host is automatically routed through the ENF. Please refer to the Concepts article to learn more.

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