Digital Signage

Given the inherent high visibility of digital signage to onlookers, it makes for an attractive target. Connecting dispersed digital signage increases the attack surface and exposes them to cyber/digital vulnerabilities.

As a result of such vulnerabilities, Bristol Airport suffered a targeted hack on its flight information display systems. Similarly, hackers accessed a digital signage at Union Station in Washington D.C. to stream explicit content in May 2017. Moreover, cellular carriers have eliminated support for public static IPs, making it harder to implement remote management of digital signage.

Edge Requirements for Digital Signs

Users need to be able to easily connect, secure, and manage dispersed digital signage on a network that is invisible to the public Internet and minimizes compliance risks. Specifically, they require:

  • Security: Extend IT protections from the enterprise network to screens outdoors
  • Connectivity: Support diverse last-mile connectivity options over any cellular carrier
  • Management: Enable secure remote management to eliminate on-site maintenance

Xaptum’s Solutions

The most notable outcomes of using the ENF to secure digital signage are as follows:

Isolation & Invisibility

The ENF uses default-deny firewall rules in isolating remote endpoints to mitigate risks of lateral attacks. It provides customers with the macro/microsegmentation capabilities they need to securely accelerate deployment of digital signage while keeping them invisible to the public Internet.

Flexible Connectivity

As a standards-compliant IP (layer 3) network, the ENF can tunnel multiple industrial automation protocols and is compatible with all device manufacturers, software vendors, and cloud hosts. Multiple providers can be leveraged to connect digital signage using cellular, Wi-Fi, ethernet accessory cards, etc. There are no SDKs or agent platform lock-ins and clients require only standard TLS & crypto libraries. To learn more about the solution’s interoperability, please refer to the Concepts article.

Centralized Remote Management

ENF enables secure remote access for both remote technicians connecting to on-prem applications/devices and devices accessing corporate resources. Customers can reduce truck-rolls by managing dispersed assets and data under one network using a single-pane-of-glass dashboard.

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