IP Traffic Obfuscation

All too often, there are news stories about exposed Industrial IoT (IIoT) traffic that was a safety or security threat. By routing the traffic through the ENF, the chance of such exposure is eliminated.

Traffic Obfuscation

Malicious actors don’t need to take control of a system or alter data to cause harm. Even reading the data could be a security, safety, or competitive problem. By being able to read IIoT data, a competitor gets an unfair advantage as they could determine the capacity at which equipment is running, maintenance schedules, or even details of proprietary processes.

For critical infrastructure, IIoT data could divulge information that, in the wrong hands, could cause safety and security breaches. A foreign agent may be able to determine the location and destination of rolling stock.

Traffic routed to the ENF is encrypted at the source using industry-standard TLS, similar to using a VPN to connect to a corporate network. Since the endpoint and the ENF access point are mutually authenticated, we can be certain that traffic has not been intercepted, observed, or manipulated.

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