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Recent Changes

Xaptum's mission is to simplify IoT security. Forever. We're always developing new ways to make managing and securing your IoT deployment easier and safer. Here are some of our recently released features and upgrades.

  • Network User Roles

    Released June 17, 2020

    New network user roles allow you to restrict user access to specific ::/64 networks within your domain.

  • Configurable Firmware Update Schedules

    Released April 24, 2020

    Keep your ENF router cards up-to-date on a schedule that is safe for your business operations.

  • Xaptum Terraform Provider

    Released November 9, 2019

    Use the Xaptum Terraform provider to manage your IoT overlay network with the same Infrastructure-as-Code best practices and tools as your cloud infrastructure.

  • Remote WiFi Management

    Released October 14, 2019

    Remotely monitor and update the WiFi connections of your ENF router cards, eliminating costly manual reconfiguration.

  • Private Hosted DNS

    Released September 4, 2019

    Xaptum's private hosted DNS protects your devices from a wide range of public DNS attacks and vulnerabilities.

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